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SaanichPolice @Hey__Lil @vicpdcanada School zones are not in effect during school break. Playground zones are though, so watch for signs.
SaanichPolice RT @SPD_Traffic: #yyjtraffic @SaanichPolice TSU Christmas Message from us to you and your loved ones.
SaanichPolice RT @SPD_Traffic: #yyjtraffic @SaanichPolice XMAS office parties are a fun activity. Please drink responsibly. Plan ahead for a ride http://…
SaanichPolice RT @AbbyPoliceDept: #abbypd Hoping to generate awareness & prevention re: "huffing" following tragic July 30, 2014 death of 36 year old. ht…
SaanichPolice @VicGuy63 Can't say for sure. In this one, it was produced, but not "used". Concerning though for sure.

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