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SaanichPolice Congrats to Insp. Steve Morgan, promotion effective tomorrow. Photo with his proud father, as well as @ChiefDownie
SaanichPolice RT @OakBayPolice: Rocky road? News to us! Message from Victoria area chiefs @WestshoreRCMP @vicpdcanada @SaanichPol
SaanichPolice Detectives investigating afternoon assault at VIRCC. One inmate taken to hospital, two others treated at the jail.
SaanichPolice RT @SaanichPD_RCsts: @SaanichPolice @OakBayPolice @vicpdcanada @WestshoreRCMP news to Reserves too! We love working with other Reserves thr…
SaanichPolice Rocky road? News to us! A message from the Victoria Area Chiefs @OakBayPolice @vicpdcanada @WestshoreRCMP #yyj

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