DOWNIE Bob - 1

SaanichPolice We've already been busy w/ less than safe/courteous drivers this morning. Help us make this an injury free & enjoyable long wkend for all
SaanichPolice Help us spread the msg: @SaanichPolice will be out in full force this wkend. Make good choices, give yourselves lots of time & be patient
SaanichPolice RT @CTVNewsSteve: A woman suffered only minor injuries but @SaanichPolice says it could have been a lot worse. More at 11pm @CTVNewsVI http…
SaanichPolice RT @SaanichPDclssgt: #throwbackthursday pic @SaanichPolice Cawsey cousins; Matt & Jon, 2010 @SPD_Traffic days #bmw @BMWMotorrad @bmw #tbt h…
SaanichPolice RT @SaanichPDclssgt: #throwbackthursday #tbt pic @SaanichPolice force, 1921; the Department was 15 years young :) #yyj

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