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SaanichPolice RT @SaanichPDclssgt: #yyjtraffic Darwin Ave closed off @SaanichFire @SaanichPolice between Saanich Rd and our HQ - take Vernon instead http…
SaanichPolice RCU makes arrests in connection with o/night B&E's. 49 y/o charged, 50 y/o awaiting charges. Investigation ongoing.
SaanichPolice RT @AceK9Saanich: #TopDog @ChiefDownie addresses the audience & perhaps more importantly, 'Thanks' all @SaanichPolice volunteers 🚓 http://t…
SaanichPolice RT @SaanichPDclssgt: Tonight we recognize our @SaanichPolice volunteers; over 60 for their @SaanichBlkWatch 10 or 15 year milestones! http…
SaanichPolice RT @SaanichPDsloSgt: #NationalTelecommunicatorsWeek. Thank the people who answer first when you need help. #911 @SaanichPolice @SaanichPDP

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