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SaanichPolice RT @AceK9Saanich: You can run or walk with #SpecialOlympics athletes June 13 #yyj Torch Run join in @BCLETR for @sobcsociety
SaanichPolice RT @ChiefDownie: Proud to swear in our newest @saanichpolice member Cst. Alex Rosales who joins us from the RCMP. His values will serve #…
SaanichPolice RT @WestshoreRCMP: Dogs left in hot cars? - Here is what you can do! #Westshore
SaanichPolice RT @SPD_Traffic: Stop tailgating. At 80 km/h leave 70m space to car ahead. It's not NASCAR, you'll still get home. #yyjtraffic
SaanichPolice RT @SPD_Traffic: Uptown -> Airport @ 80 km/h = 16:30 @ 100 km/h = 13:00 Is 3 min worth $196? Calm down/slow down #yyjtraffic

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