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SaanichPolice Great to hear Travis Price speak today in #Saanich on #PinkShirtDay. Kindness is universal.😊
SaanichPolice Even our #Saanich #K9's are wearing pink on #PinkShirtDay 👮🐶🚓
SaanichPolice One of our #Saanich #yyj schools. If 1 person can make a difference on #PinkShirtDay imagine what you've done!! Way…
SaanichPolice Stand up to bullying - It's #PinkShirtDay! Lots of events today at our #SD61Learn schools in #Saanich. See you ther…
SaanichPolice @BoozeDonkey I know we've been there in the past - guess it's time 4 another visit. Give us a call & we can arrange something.

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