DOWNIE Bob - 1

SaanichPolice RT @bcRCMP: #Nanaimo - Who took Dan's hockey gear?
SaanichPolice RT @Victoria_EWP: Nov 25 - Victoria EWP has been activated. For current information on available shelters: #yyjewp
SaanichPolice RT @SaanichPDclssgt: It's #WantedWednesday so have a look at these folks who are wanted by Greater Victoria police:
SaanichPolice RT @VicCrimeStop: VicPD is requesting the public’s assistance in locating a missing youth who is wanted on a Canada Wide Warrant.... https:…
SaanichPolice RT @SaanichPDclssgt: Saturday in #Saanich: #teenfest event 11-5 @TeenFestCanada. Say hi to @SaanichPD_RCsts @SaanichPDslo2 too! #yyj https:…

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