Four Police Officers are assigned full time to the Bike Section; they work in two person teams and their primary mandate is community engagement. The Bike Officers dedicate time to attend community events and always look for new ways in building relationships with citizens. The Bike Officers work closely with the community, listening to their concerns, and together find solutions to the issue.

Bike Officers are unique in the sense that they are on a bicycle, are more approachable than a patrol vehicle, and the public can easily interact with them.  Bike Officers ride the Saanich trails, through parks and patrol residential and commercial areas moving around buildings and obstacles with ease. They can detect criminal activity with a stealth approach and can respond quickly to calls for service.

If you would like to follow the bike section and see what interactions they have with the community, please follow them on twitter @saanichpdbikes.

2016 SPD Bike Section

Cycling Tips

  • Wear a helmet and appropriate cycling safety equipment at all times.
  • Be alert to the surrounding environment and any possible hazards.
  • Obey all traffic signs.
  • Yield to crossing traffic when appropriate.
  • Always ensure your bicycle is in safe riding condition.
  • Shoulder check and signal before changing lanes.
  • Ride on the right side of the road.
  • Be visible by wearing bright reflective clothing and by using headlights and a rear light or reflector, which is required by law during night riding.

Examples of fines dealing with cycling under the Motor Vehicle Act

Cycle without required bicycle helmet*


Ride cycle without lights (headlight or rear red light)


Ride cycle on sidewalk


Careless cycling **


Cycle without one hand on handlebars


*Cyclists 16 years and older can be issued a Violation Ticket (VT) for failing to wear a helmet. Parents/guardians of children (15 and under) can be issued a VT for knowingly allowing a child to ride without a helmet.

**In addition to the duties imposed by the Motor Vehicle Act, a person operating a cycle on a highway has the same rights and duties as a driver of a vehicle.

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