Saanich Police relies heavily on the support of our community, through programs such as Block Watch, Student Volunteers, Ace Team and the Reserves.  In appreciation for their enthusiastic commitment and tireless efforts throughout the year, we say THANK YOU!

 Would you like to volunteer for our Ace Mascot team? Download the form HERE and bring it in to us in person to start the process. It would be great to have you join us!    Being part of the team is one of two roles. You can be IN the Ace suit and interact with the public through gestures and hugs - no talking. Alternatively you can be Ace`s Handler, this involves going to the community events and being Ace`s eyes, ears and mouth communicating with the public and helping Ace stay safe. We would love to have you with us. Apply today and we will call you for an interview. Examples of events: Parades, Community Days, School Fairs, Festivals.

ace with quinn 3

Ace out and about, hanging with friends








Volunteer Appreciation Night 





drone flight 













 Special Thanks to Mr. Jason Kelly for taking our pictures again this year!



Special thanks to for hosting