Saanich Police relies heavily on the support of our community, through programs such as Block Watch, Student Volunteers, Ace Team and the Reserves.  In appreciation for their enthusiastic commitment and tireless efforts throughout the year, we say THANK YOU!

Ace Team - you should join! 

Our ACE Team goes to community events and hands out stickers and other give-aways while Ace hands out a generous helping of high-fives and laughs. Can you see yourself assisting Ace or perhaps BEING Ace? We'd love to hear from you, or even better; simply fill out the application form and send it in! Join us representing the Saanich Police and giving back to your community!

 Would you like to volunteer for our Ace Mascot team? You can apply online!  Simply download the application form, save it, fill it in and email it back to us with a picture of your government issued photo id.   We'd love to have you join! 

Get your online application form  to join the Ace team right here: Application Form

Being part of the team; you can choose one of two roles, or do both! You can be IN the Ace suit and interact with the public through gestures and hugs - no talking. Alternatively you can be Ace`s Handler, this involves going to the community events and being Ace`s eyes, ears and mouth communicating with the public and helping Ace stay safe, handing out swag like stickers, cards, pencils, etc. We would love to have you with us. Apply today and we will call you for an interview. Examples of events: Parades, Community Days, School Fairs, Festivals.

ace with quinn 3

Ace out and about, hanging with friends



Volunteer Appreciation Night 2019

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 IMG 0115

             IMG 0128

20190411 185544

20190411 190319 

 20190411 185824

 20190411 190556

 20190411 192621

 20190411 200523

20190411 201909      

                        20190411 185205     

      20190411 202045

               20190411 191352

Thank you to everyone who came and those that helped make it happen! See you next year!      






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