The Saanich Police Public Information and Communications Office (PICO) was created to enhance our relationship with local media outlets and the public.  The PICO officer is responsible for communicating the Department's involvement in criminal investigations and to keep the public informed of events that may impact their safety and security. Media releases are prepared and shared publicly on our website and on our social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter.


Contact Information:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 250-475-4337



SaanichPolice An important piece of fire rescue equipment was recovered Wednesday night after a suspect broke into a temporary fi…
SaanichPolice The person identified in the assault at Brydon Park has turned himself in to police. The investigation is on-going…
SaanichPolice *Update* We have identified the person of interest in the assault investigation at Brydon Park. We would like to th…
SaanichPolice RT @SaanichPD_RCsts: We are just working out the final details but we are BACK! You will see us out in the community doing the Speedwatch,…
SaanichPolice @busdriverlife Thanks for catching that spelling. You are correct. Brydon with an O is the name.

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