It is important to understand that the selection process is a competition. Each applicant is assessed on their basic qualifications as well as their life experience, maturity, professionalism, work experience, volunteer activities, and education. The recruiting section will be interested in when an applicant first decided to pursue a career in policing, and what that applicant has done to demonstrate this genuine interest / goal.

Applicants may consider a police reserve / auxiliary program, or volunteer work with a police agency or related criminal justice agency to enhance their experience and suitability as a police constable.

In addition, although police work is similar in a variety of jurisdictions, it can also be quite different, due to demographics and population. It is important for applicants who are applying with the Saanich Police, to clearly articulate the reasons that they would like to join our organization and help keep Saanich safe.

The following is a behavioural competency profile that the Saanich Police consider as a guide when assessing applicants throughout the selection process.   This list of competencies are considered critical for the successful performance of general policing duties.


  • Adaptability
  • Ethical Accountability and Responsibility
  • Interactive Communication
  • Organizational Awareness
  • Problem Solving
  • Risk Management
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Teamwork
  • Written Skills


*A competency is an observable and measurable ability, skill, knowledge, or other attribute that contributes to successful performance on the job.

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