The following is a general overview of the Saanich Police recruit selection process. The recruit candidate process consists of the following steps.

Each stage depends on successful performance in the preceding stages; failure to complete one stage will result in the removal of the candidate. In certain circumstances the number and order of these steps may vary.

Assessment of honesty, integrity and ethics are an integral part of the selection process and the information you provide throughout the process will be scrutinized closely. Dishonesty, deceit, or non-disclosure of information can result in your removal from the process.

The Saanich Police are committed to being an equal opportunity employer as we look for confident applicants that reflect our diverse community that we take pride in keeping safe. 



Physical Testing

Before applicants submit a cover letter and resume they are required to successfully complete the P.O.P.A.T. (Police Officer Physical Ability Test),.

Applicants can contact the Pacific Institute of Sports Excellence (PISE) directly at or phone 250-220-2510 to register for the Police Officer's Physical Ability Test (P.O.P.A.T. floor plan) and Lifestyle Evaluation. The cost is currently $65.00.

Alternatively applicants can prepare for and complete the POPAT with Sheepdog Self Protection Inc (see ).

The P.O.P.A.T. is a demanding, anaerobic physical test which must be completed in 4 minutes and 15 seconds (click here for the POPAT Protocol). The POPAT results are valid for 12 months. Applicants DO NOT need an invitation from the Recruiting Section to take this test.


Recruit Intake Exam

Upon successfully completing the P.O.P.A.T. applicants may forward their cover letters and resumes (together with a copy of the POPAT certificate) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a seat for the next Intake Exam. The exam is administered at the Saanich Police building on specified dates. The intake exam includes:  spelling, grammar, logic analysis, comprehension, memory, math, and reasoning.  Applicants have a maximum of three hours to complete the exam which is monitored by the recruiting sergeant.  To successfully advance in the selection process, applicants must achieve 70% or greater on the intake exam.  If applicants have already achieved a passing mark on the ETHOS exam while competing for a position with another law enforcement agency, there is no need to complete the exam again. It is recommended that applicants prepare for this exam by reviewing a study guide that covers the above mentioned areas.  These can be found on the internet.


Submission of Complete Basic Qualification package

Once candidates have successfully passed BOTH the Intake Exam and POPAT, the next step is to complete all requested documents as outlined in the basic qualification instructions / check sheet. Applicants are asked to submit the completed package via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The completed package will be reviewed at which time the applicant will be advised whether or not they will be advancing to the next stage in the process.  This involves completing an application package.


 Application Package

This involves completing a Polygraph Integrity Questionnaire and Application Form. Honesty, integrity and lifestyle are areas that are scrutinized closely in considering Police Officer applications. This questionnaire pertains to your lifestyle and integrity. Once completed and returned to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. it will be reviewed by the Recruiting Sergeant. Competitive applicants may be invited to an interview.


Initial Screening Interview (Sergeant's Interview)

Conducted by the Recruiting Sergeant. This interview is based on all information that the applicant has provided, including the application and Polygraph Integrity Questionnaire("PIQ").  This interview focuses on the following competencies: adaptibility, ethical accountability and responsibility, interactive communication, organizational awareness, problem solving, risk management, stress tolerance, teamwork, and written skills.   

Applicants who wish to be successful in this interview should review the Saanich Police Strategic Plan, and the competency profile found under "Be more Competitive".


Staff Development Inspector's Panel Interview

Applicants advanced to this stage will be contacted to attend an interview with the Inspector in charge of Staff Development, the Recruiting Sergeant, and a third officer. This interview is based on life skills, experience and abilities of the candidate.  The format is a behavioral based interview.  Applicants are provided the questions 30 minutes in advance to prepare themselves for the interview.


Polygraph Test

This is a continuation of the Polygraph Integrity Questionnaire. It is administered by a trained professional, qualified in the use of a polygraph.


Psychological Testing

Applicants are required to attend an identified Saanich Police selected psychologist office for an interview and written testing.


Background Investigation

An extensive background investigation is conducted with regards to references submitted and others. Background Investigators contact friends, family members, past and present employers, neighbours, and anyone else deemed necessary.  Upon completion of the background investigation, applicants at this stage will have their entire applicant portfolio reviewed and analyzed by the Staff Development section.


Occupational Health Assessment

At the expense of the Saanich Police, applicants advanced to this stage will be contacted to attend a medical facility in Vancouver to ensure they are able to carry out the occupational requirements of the job as a constable. We pay for this testing. You can find out more about the medical testing at


Chief Constable Interview

Applicants identified to advance to this stage will be contacted and provided a date to attend an interview with the Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable, and/or a Senior Officer of the Saanich Police.




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