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Saanich Reserve Constables are volunteers.  They provide support to the regular police officers and provide service in community policing programs and activities.  Saanich Police operate a "Tier 1" Reserve Constable program, which involves participating in ride-a-longs in a support role, with Police Officers.  These ride-a-longs keep the Reserves current with Saanich Police policy, procedures, and generally, how we do our job.  They keep the Reserve member familiar with the Saanich area, services and communication systems.  This ongoing experience maintains a high level of competence in case they are called upon to support the regular members.  The ride-a-long program provides the Reserve Constable with knowledge and expertise to deliver crime prevention and community policing programs to the citizens of Saanich.  Reserves are expected to participate in crime prevention and community policing initiatives such as Speed Watch, Block Watch, Graffiti Project, Strawberry Festival, Victoria Day Parade, home and business security evaluations, and a host of others.


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Saanich Reserve Constables at Various Community Events



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The Saanich Reserve Constable program is supervised by the Community Engagement Division.

Program Eligibility

  1. Candidates must be a resident of South Vancouver Island, either within the CRD or south of Nanaimo Regional District.
  2. The following persons may not be eligible to participate in the Saanich Reserve Constable Program; eligibility status will be reviewed and determined by the Chief Constable on a case by case basis:
    a) Persons who hold peace officer status in any other area of employment or any other volunteer service, unless employed directly by, or volunteering directly with, the Saanich Police Department, where the reserve is appointed;
    b)  Persons licensed under PISA (Private Investigator Security Act) as private investigators or who perform the same functions in an unlicensed capacity;
    c)  Persons who are employed as "security personnel" may be excluded from eligibility for the Reserve program or may be excluded from authorized Reserve activities that may give rise to a real or perceived conflict of interest. For the purposes of the Saanich Reserve Constable Program recruiting policy, "security personnel" includes private security and loss prevention officers;
    d)  Persons who have business or social activities that create a real or perceived conflict of interest.

Note: Ineligibility criteria that arise subsequent to appointment as a Saanich Reserve Constable may result in release from the program. Where the ineligibility criteria relates to a Saanich Reserve Constable obtaining regular employment, the employer must confirm in writing that participation in the Saanich Reserve Constable program does not create a conflict of interest with the Reserve Constables employment duties and functions.

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2018 Reserves


There are a variety of duties that Reserve Constables are expected to perform. They may include, but are not limited to ride-a-longs with Patrol or Traffic members. When riding with Patrol or Traffic, the Reserve Constable is expected to perform Police activities as outlined in the Authorized Non-enforcement Community Policing and Crime Prevention Activities (Tier 1 duties) in the Provincial Reserve Constable Program Policy, mandated by Police Services Division, Ministry of Solicitor General.


Reserve Constables must commit to work a minimum of at least 16 hours each month. The hours are committed as follows:

  1. Patrol or Traffic duties;
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  2. Community Policing activities; and
  3. 2 hours for a mandatory monthly meeting.


Applicants must:

  1. Be 19 years of age;
  2. Not have a Criminal Record;
  3. Be a Canadian Citizen or have Landed Immigrant status;
  4. Have completed High School (supported by transcripts);
  5. Possess a valid Driver's Licence and satisfactory driving record;
  6. Possess a current First Aid Certificate with CPR; and

   7.  Have good verbal and written communication skills.

Medical Fitness

Applicants must be physically fit and have a healthy lifestyle. Medical examination and certificate at the applicant's expense will be required.


Eye Standards

  1. Meet colour vision and visual field requirements and have uncorrected vision of not less than 20/30, 20/100, unaided, correctable to 20/20, 20/30 respectively with either soft contact lenses or glasses.
  2. Colour vision must pass the Ishihara Test or the Farnsworth D-15 Test.

Note: Applicants who have had Excimer Laser Surgery must wait six months post surgery for an eye examination. Eye examination and certificate will be required at the applicant's expense.

Click here for Vision Examination Form

Hearing Standards

Applicants must have normal hearing in each ear. Testing and certificate will be required at the applicant's expense.


All documentation to support candidate eligibility will be required during the later stages of recruiting process.


Application Process

  1. Interested applicants may wish to attend an information session prior to completing the next steps in the application process.
  2. Applicants who meet the minimum standards will be required to submit a formal resume outlining their education, work experience, references, a Lifestyle & Integrety Questionnaire, personal data, and a brief covering letter explaining why you want to participate in the Saanich Reserve Constable Program. A current colour photo (passport style) must also be included with the resume.  Saanich Police are continually looking at ways to "Go Green" - therefore, we request all correspondence, including your covering letter and resume to be sent electronically in PDF format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the closing date.
  3. Candidates will write the basic police examination as set by the Police Academy with a pass mark of 70%, and complete two short answer essay questions on topics of our choosing.
  4. Completion of all relevant Criminal records checks.
  5. Candidates will complete the P.O.P.A.T. (pdf 65kb) (Police Officers Physical Abilities Test) in a maximum time of four minutes and fifteen seconds.  Scheduling for the local testing will be done by the Reserve Program Director.
  6. Candidates who successfully passes the written examination and the POPAT physical testing, will be required to provide documentation as noted in Item 6 of the Qualifications.
  7. A number of interviews will be conducted during the process, prior to candidate selection for the Training.


The Saanich Reserve Constable (Tier 1) training will be conducted locally in accordance with the Course Training Standards, as mandated by the BC Police Services Division, Ministry of Solicitor General.

The training will consist of approximately 160 hours of classroom instruction and physical training. The training course will be delivered over a five month period, consisting of one evening per week and one full day on weekends. There will be a mid term exam and a final exam administered by the Police Academy prior to graduation.

Recruiting Guidelines

  1. Applications will be forwarded to applicants after receiving the applicants Cover letter and Resume. (valid email address required)
  2. There will be an information meeting.
  3. The written exam and P.O.P.A.T. will occur.
  4. Peer panel interviews will be conducted.
  5. Successful candidates will then commence training.
  6. Training requires one evening and on full Saturday per week, holidays excluded.
  7. Upon graduation, recruits will be sworn in as "Special Constables" for the Province of BC.

Contact Information

More information on the Saanich Police Reserve Constable training program can be obtained by contacting Sgt. Sherry Walsh at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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