Saanich Police - National Comparison Statistics

Statistics Canada ( releases National Crime Statistics annually, detailing the overall volume of crime, and specific types of crime such as violent crimes and non-violent, broken down by city/police force, population, and ranking.

For more information on crime statistics in Canada see StatsCan website,
or for BC see the Ministry of Justice website for more reports 

In an effort to combat crime in Saanich, particularly property crime, the Saanich Police publish crime occurrence information on a weekly basis. Knowledge is power! We believe that the more you have about criminal activity in Saanich, the better you will be able to protect your property.

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May 1 to May 6






Person Offences  
Domestic Assaults 2   2
Other Assaults 2   2
Robbery 0   0
Property Offences  
B&E Business 0   0
B&E Residential 2   2
Fraud 12   12
Theft From Vehicle 6   6
Vehicle Theft 1   1
Theft of Bicycle 3   3
Traffic Offences    
Tickets 113   113
Traffic Incidents  
24 hr Suspension 6   6
Impaired by Alcohol 1   1
Impaired by Drug 1   1
Fatal Collision 0   0
Injury Collision 11   11
Damage > $1000 Collision 8   8
Other Criminal Code  
Drugs 1   1
Mischief 8   8
Graffitti 0   0
Arson 0   0
Indecent Act 0  
 Visit our Community Safety and Crime Prevention pages to learn more about what we are doing to prevent crime
and what you can do to help us keep Saanich safe.

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