The SPD School Liaison Section is now staffed with a Sergeant and four Constables. The School Liaison Program has done exceptional work in the Saanich schools and will continue to provide the same level of programs. The members provide regular visits to all 48 schools, which have a total student population of approximately 24,000. The key strategic priority of Working with Youth will be a focus with new connections being made through social media and ongoing traditional methods of classroom talks and engaging youth in their school community.

The School Liaison Officers bring a variety of public safety and crime prevention programs to the students.

The officers provide a positive role-model for young people and act as a resource for the school administration in matters of drug prevention, school violence and citizenship.
The program has been very successful and there is a new vitality with the addition of a Sergeant and a focus on engaging the youth of Saanich in ways that are familiar to their generation.


WITS Program

The WITS program was developed by the ROCK SOLID FOUNDATION and the Department of Psychology, University of Victoria. The program teaches students strategies for dealing with bullying and is aimed at Kindergarten thru Grade 3. School Liaison Officers visit these grades several times during the school year to reinforce the anti-bullying message.

It is a simple way of conveying to children practical  strategies for handling conflicts with peers. 

The WITS acronym stands for:

Walk away


Talk (use words not fists)

Seek help


Safety on Wheels

The Safety on Wheels program (formally known as 'bike rodeos') is a youth safety initiative aimed at Grade 1-5 students who ride bicycles, scooters or roller blades.

This has both educational and fun components whereby SPD School Liaison Officers attend elementary schools and set up a challenging course where students are tested on stopping, turning and obstacle avoidance. Prior to riding on the course the officers,along side the students, perform safety checks on their bicycles and scooters to ensure that they understand the correct functioning of their  equipment.

Saanich Police have partnered with a local business (Sports Traders) and 'Kidsport' (sport funding program) to supply funding and equipment to the children. The generosity of our community partners  over the previous 2 years have allowed the SPD to deliver over 400 helmets to children in need.


Party Program

This is a full-day program for high school students, delivered at the Victoria General Hospital.

Students hear from a number of guest speakers (including police, paramedics, nurses, physicians, rehabilitation staff and injury survivors) about the consequences of risky behaviour usually associated with the use of drugs and alcohol.

Students follow the path of a trauma patient from the time of injury until discharged from hospital. This program is structured to highlight the reality of making poor choices while emphasizing the potential catastrophic effects on themselves, their families, their friends and their community as a whole.


Drug Free Zones

SPD, in partnership with The John Howard Society and local schools boards have identified our schools as "Drug Free Zones".  

Cooperation between agencies has resulted in greater consistency of the reporting of drug and alcohol abuse incidents which makes youth more accountable for their behavior. 

This partnership, while combating the negative impact of drug and alcohol abuse, allows for youth to have access to John Howard Society drug and alcohol counselling.



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