The Saanich Police Historical Society was established in August 2000 through the joint efforts and vision of both serving and retired members.

The Mission of the Society is to preserve the colourful history of the Saanich Police through its records, photos, artifacts, documents and memories, and to ensure this heritage remains available to the Saanich community for whom we serve and protect.

The Saanich Police were formed in 1906 at the request of local residents. In the beginning it was just one Constable riding alone on horseback, sometimes for days. At that time Central Saanich and Saanich were one municipality and it was a huge area. As the community grew and prospered so the Saanich Police grew to meet the needs of the people it serves. Soon horses gave way to Harley Davidson and Indian motorcycles, and they in turn to model-T Fords.

If you have any old photos or artifacts related to the history of the Saanich Police, and would like to donate or share them in-trust with the Historical Society, please E-mail us at the address below or call at 250-475-4321 and leave a message for Sergeant Brad Brajcich. The policing of Saanich has always been a community partnership and we hope that preserving our history will be as well.

A small museum display can be visited at Saanich Police Department any time the front counter is open. Many of our collection items are held in storage and are sometimes rotated through this display.

Visit the website for the District of Saanich Archives to see digitized photos collected by the district.

Contact the society at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


President: Sgt. Brad Brajcich
Secretary/Treasurer: Ms. Michele Sealey



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