The Saanich Police Canine Business Patrol Program was established with three purposes in mind:

  1. To better protect businesses during times when incidents of "break-ins" occur.
  2. To provide buildings and compounds to the Saanich Police Canine Unit for the porpose of training police dogs.
  3. To familiarize police dogs and handlers with building and compounds in the event that a "break-in" should occur.

The buildings will be used after business hours and only when vacant.  The canine teams search for "quarries" hidden inside the building.  They will be utilized approximately 2-3 times a month.

Access keys are secured at the Saanich Police and are not identifiable.  Alarm codes are kept strictly confidential.

A business card will be left on the premise identifying the times when the canine unit was in attendance.

All canine members are covered by Work Safe BC while training. Businesses will not suffer liability due to any injury.

Business will be provided with door decals identifying the premise as one used by the Saanich Police Canine Unit for training purposes after hours.


If you are interested in participating in this program, please submit the Canine Business Patrol Program Application:

Canine Business Patrol Submission Form
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