Within the Traffic Safety Unit, SPD maintain a corps of 8 police motorcycle officers who operate a fleet of 4 BMW R1200-RTP motorcycles. These officers are highly trained in motorcycle maneuvering and operations during an intense 80 hour course. They train regularly and are required to re-qualify their skills annually on an obstacle course.

The motorcycles add a great deal of flexibility to Saanich Police, allowing officers to move through heavy traffic to get to scenes of collisions or aggressive and impaired drivers. Motorcycle officers routinely assist Patrol officers with scene containment and assist in apprehending culprits of many types of crimes. They also afford officers additional options when it comes to observing and apprehending traffic violations, especially at dangerous intersections.

In addition to patrol duties, some Saanich Police motorcycle officers are part of an integrated motorcycle escort team with Victoria Police. These officers receive a higher level of training and assist with parades, special events and the movement of special dignitaries and Heads of State.


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