The Board's Purpose

The Saanich Police Board, comprised of volunteers, is the governing body of the Saanich Police Department (SPD) and, on behalf of the citizens of Saanich, provides independent civilian oversight and governance of SPD, including law enforcement and crime prevention.

The Chief Constable is responsible for daily policing and other operational matters. The Police Act stipulates that the Board shall not direct the Chief of Police with respect to the day to day operations of the police service.

Arms-length Relationship from Council

Municipal police boards are created independently from municipal councils and from the provincial government. This removes police boards from partisan politics and, at the same time, recognizes that both the municipality and the province have legitimate interests in municipal policing.

Composition and Term of the Police Board

Under the Police Act, a municipal police board consists of the Mayor, who is statutorily designated as Chair; one person appointed by the municipal council; and not more than seven persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. Saanich has customarily had three provincial appointees; however, the Board was pleased to welcome two additional members in 2017. A board member's term cannot exceed six consecutive years.

Saanich Police Board Members

Mayor Fred Haynes - Chair

Ms. Mary Collins

 Ms. Linda Murray

Mr. Bawan Saravanabawan 

Ms. Jacqueline King

Ms. Shelly Niemi


Responsibilities of the Police Board

The Saanich Police Board is a statutory body created under Part 5 of the Police Act and has governance and oversight responsibilities under that Act, such as:

  • Establishes a municipal police department and appoints the Chief Constable and other constables and employees, all of whom are employees of the Board.
  • Evaluates the performance of the Chief Constable.
  • Has authority to study, investigate and prepare reports on matters concerning policing, law enforcement and crime prevention in the municipality.
  • Directs, in consultation with the Chief Constable, the preparation of a Strategic Plan that sets the priorities, goals and objectives of the Department; and reviews the annual work plan in terms of meeting the priorities, goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan.
  • Oversees the preparation and implementation of the Department’s annual budget and determines the level of necessary resourcing for the Department’s operations, prior to submitting the budget to the municipal council.
  • Has authority under section 171 of the Police Act to investigate complaints made about the Department.

Financial Resources

2016-2020 Saanich Municipal Financial Plan

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Contact Information

Anita De Medeiros, Secretary to the Saanich Police Board
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