Did you know that in 2002, over 1500 youths were involved in the sex trade in Greater Victoria? This number is only an estimate and many who work in the field say it is a gross underestimate of the actual number of youth involved in sexual behavior that is considered exploitive.  Sexual exploitation damages the health, well being and human potential of young people both in our community and across this country. This is a large and growing problem that many families are facing right here, right now.

In 2001, area police departments got together to create a police position designed to focus on the problems of Sexually Exploited Youth and find strategies for assisting these young people in living safe productive lives.

The main responsibilities of the police officer assigned to this position are:

  • Educating the community to realize the severity that exists regarding Sexual Exploitation in the region and to provide support and services to exploited youths;

  • Criminal enforcement, targeting pimps, "johns" and recruiters; and

  • Gathering of Criminal Intelligence on the activities of the child sex workers and the activities of the pimps who exploit these children.

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