The Saanich Police Dive Team is comprised of 6 officers. The team has both male and female officers which is the only municipal police dive team in the province of British Columbia.

Selection for the dive team is open to active Saanich Police officers with training in Accredited Occupational Scuba to 40 meters.  After selection and training for the dive team, the members are available on a 24 hour, on-call basis.  While the team trains monthly, this is not a full-time duty and members serving on the team continue in their regular duties with their respective divisions.

The team has its own boat and specially equipped van. The dive unit uses the AGA full face mask, OTS hardline communications, the OTS diver recall system and redundant air supplies.

The dive unit specializes in taking forensic capabilities on land into the water to enhance investigative services. Evidence searching, body recovery and underwater photography are some of the other special services provided by the dive team. 

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