As of April 2019,  tuition for Block I and Block III at JIBC increased to $11,575.93 (to be paid by applicant). Please add $150.00 for books.

The SPD currently offers a payment plan to assist new recruits. The Municipality of Saanich is willing to pay the recruit's $11,575.93 (subject to change) tuition fee up front and then collect it back through a payroll deduction over a 3 year period. This formal agreement is an option for recruits, as they do not have to participate and may deal directly with a financial institution of their choice.

While training at the Justice Institute of BC, the recruit candidate receives:

  • Probationary Constable salary

  • Paid accommodations close to JIBC

  • Daily meal allowance ($35.00 a day)

  • One round-trip ferry ride for each block of training.

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